S. Ganesan

Special Correspondent

TIRUCHI: The father-son duo of P. John Louis and J. Bernett Orlando of Tiruchi, the former a renowned memory expert and the latter a prodigious talent in solving the Rubik's puzzle , will represent India at the 2006 Dutch Open Rubik's Cube Championship at the Netherlands on October 14 and 15.

About 60 contestants from 15 countries are expected to participate in the championship organised by speedcubing.com and World Cube Association. The contests will be held at the Delft University at the Netherlands. The championship will be held during Dutch Cube Day 2006 (Sunday) and the day before. Dutch Cube Day sees a big international gathering of the puzzle fans, which includes a puzzle market and some lectures.

Bernett, a Standard VI student, will compete in all nine categories of the competition in the senior level though he is just 10 years old. He is an expert in solving the puzzle with ease blindfolded.