Staff Reporter

Chennai: Photo film and paper cups were transformed into ballroom gowns at the fashion show organised by students of the Institute of Design on Tuesday.

Creativity was the buzzword, as the students were asked to create garments from materials other than cloth.

Some of the budding designers walked the ramp wearing bright-coloured costumes made out of plastic while others went in for earthy jute embellished with beads and sparkles.

Nazia Fathima, who made a dress from blue and red glass paper with film negative for her belt and sandals, won first place.

Another interesting creation was a gown of photo film and plastic with a hat and necklace as accessories.

A costume made from CDs, keyboard parts and rexin also won applause from the crowd.

Students had come up with a jacket made from bubble packaging material, a flowing skirt and top from raw jute and a tunic made from shiny, gift-wrapping paper.

G. Chandrasekhar, Principal of Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai, judged the event.

He also awarded diplomas to the 2005- 06 batch of students. The institute offers courses in interior design, fashion design and fine arts.