Special Correspondent

THANJAVUR: Farmers of Thanjavur district have demanded continuous supply of power for agriculture pumpsets at least for 15 hours.

They made this demand at the monthly agriculture grievances day meeting held here on Friday. They said that during night they do not get three phase power continuously.

They get power only for three to four hours and hence could not irrigate water to the fields. They appealed to Collector M. S. Shanmugham who was in the chair to provide continuous supply of power.

However, the Collector maintained that power is supplied for fourteen hours. He claimed that power is supplied continuously for ten hours and after a break, it is supplied for four hours.

The Collector also said that samba harvest has been completed on 1.08 lakh hectares in the district. Maximum yield of 6,040 kg per hectare has been taken in some places while the average yield was 2,380 kg per hectare.

Summer paddy transplantation has been completed on 6,000 hectares. He asked the farmers to raise summer paddy using System Rice Intensification method. He also advised farmers to raise rice fallow pulses during summer.

ADT-3, ADT-5 and Vamban three variety of black gram can be raised as rice fallow pulse. With respect to cotton, farmers can go for MCU-seven and SVP three varieties. A subsidy of Rs. 12 per kg is provided for pulses and Rs. 20 per kg for cotton.