Farmers' associations and public organisations have announced a road roko agitation for five days starting Monday next week to express disgust over the pathetic condition of the 74-km stretch of Thanjavur-Perambalur road.

Deplorable condition

Road-blockades have been planned at five places, including Keelapazhur, Kallur, and Tirumanur along the stretch. More than two hours is now required to cover the 44 km distance from Ariyalur to Thanjavur by buses due to the deplorable condition of the road. The condition of the Ariyalur-Perambalur stretch also leaves much to be desired.

The worst condition of the road could be witnessed between Keelapazhur and Ariyalur where portions of the road have been gouged out by heavy tonnage lorries used by cement factories.

The associations are in the process of issuing pamphlets describing their disgust and the plan of action at places of public confluence in Ariyalur district.


It was after much lobbying that the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) revised the Thanjavur-Manamadurai Road Project to include the remaining portion of the road till Perambalur years ago.

In the meantime, another project for rectifying the damages in the stretch was sanctioned.

The tardy progress of this project is the cause for the public agitation. The public expectation is that the demand would be fulfilled in right earnest by the new government.