Sowing in progress in many parts of Erode district

Rainfall in several parts of the district in the last few days has brought cheer to the farming community, particularly in the southern part of the district where sowing is in progress.

The rain from the Northeast monsoon are vital for sustaining paddy cultivation for the next two to three months.

Though farmers started cultivating paddy after the release of water from the Bhavani Sagar Dam on August 24, the water was inadequate for sowing in Modakurichi area and other southern parts of the district, according to S. Nallasamy, secretary, Federation of Tamil Nadu Agriculturists’ Association.

According to him, the rain would help these areas to some extent. The dam had received maximum water from the Southwest monsoon and now, the outflow was much more than inflow.

Since the water level in the dam has come down to 12 tmc, of which 1 tmc constitutes dead storage, turn system must be put in place for sustaining cultivation for the next few months.

Going by the agricultural productivity in the past, the harvest was high only in those years when the turn-system or irrigation was followed.

The dam has an ayacut area of 2,47,247 acres, of which 2.07 lakh acres are in Lower Bhavani Project area.

Water from the dam is also let into the Thadapalli Arakankottai and Kalingarayan channels for irrigating 24,504 acres.

Rainfall during the last 24 hours ending 8am on Wednesday is as follows: Chennimalai 39mm, Olapalayam 31, Erode 26, Pungampadi 23.6, Perundurai 23, Bhavani 9.4, Muthur 6, and Kodiveri 1mm.