K. Subramanian

Banks insist on updated computerised `chitta' account and certificate of tenancy right

NAGAPATTINAM: Farmers in the tail-end Cauvery delta region of the district are now facing hardship and finding it difficult to get the crop loans for the cultivation of kuruvai paddy crop in various parts as the primary agricultural co-operative banks (PACBs) and commercial banks are now insisting on updated computerised `chitta' account and certificate regarding the record of tenancy right for the tenants.

The PACBs are now refusing to give loan for new land holders even though all the prior loans of the previous land holders were waived by the Government stating that there were no instructions from the Government for providing loan to those who had purchased lands afresh.

Farmers whose loan dues were waived as on March 31 this year are also now running from pillar to post to get the certificates required by the co-operative societies and commercial banks. The PACBs and commercial banks have also been demanding certificates from the ryots that they did not avail of any loan after March 31 this year as the Government waived the loan dues up to March 31, 2006.

K. G. Krishnamoorthy, vice-president of composite Thanjavur district farmers association comprising the present Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts, said on Tuesday that the Government had issued orders that the PACBs should give loans only on the basis of computerised `chitta' account and the certificate regarding the record of tenancy right for the lessees.

He pointed out that the computerised `chitta' account in the taluk offices had not been updated with the latest patta transfers. Most of the computerised patta entries are joint pattas with no details of individual land holding.

Mr Krishnamoorthy said that the lands in the erstwhile East Thanjavur district (the present Nagapattinam district) were held mostly by the tenants.

Similarly, the Record of Tenancy Right (RTR) entries regarding the tenants have not also been updated in the taluk offices for the past four decades. As a result, the position in the RTR register would not reflect the actual holdings of the present tenants, he said.

He requested to the Government to accept the old procedure of the record of rights prepared by the village administrative officers (VAOs) duly certified by the land owners and tenants for getting fresh crop loans from PACBs and commercial banks.

The Agriculture Department has planned to cover the short-term kuruvai paddy crop in the normal area of 34,000 hectares this year 24,000 hectares in the Cauvery river system areas of Kuttalam, Mayiladuturai and Sirkazhi blocks and 10,000 hectares in Nagapattinam, Keevalur, Thalainayar and Vedaranyam blocks.

While the farmers in the Cauvery division areas had already transplanted the kuruvai crop in 24,000 hectares with the help of filterpoint borewells, ryots in the Vennar division areas, depending on the Cauvery water in all the river systems, have started raising kuruvai nurseries to cover the normal cultivation area of 10,000 hectares.