Farmers in Karur district have alleged that the Tangedco is short circuiting them by providing three-phase power supply for agricultural purposes for only three hours in a day. It’s also being done in an erratic manner without prior notice leaving them in the lurch, some farmers rue.

Already rains have deceived us and the rivers have deserted us during the most crucial of periods in irrigating the standing crops. Cash crops such as banana, sugarcane, turmeric and betel vine and food crops such as paddy and millets have been hugely affected by the deficient help from Mother Nature.

The farmers were depending on lift irrigation for saving their standing according to Sugar Cane Growers’ Welfare Association president Nachalur Anbalagan.

But the curse of power scarcity followed the farmers from the last year to 2013 as well with much of the time being spent in the hope of getting power to irrigate the withering crops.

We hear that industries are getting at least 12 hour power supply during a day and we are at a loss to grasp why we are being denied even three hours of three-phase power supply during the day time and an equal duration during the nights? asks S. Muthusamy Gounder of Mangasolipalayam. We too have our produce to account for and stomachs to feed , he queries.

The Tangedco authorities announced a schedule of three phase power supply lasting just three hours a day but are not following even that timing in some places. We farmers are forced to wait for the supply to resume at the appointed hour but are disappointed time and again as the sudden variation in schedule upsets our other chores , points out working president of the Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association Mahadanapuram V. Rajaram.

The officials must ensure that three hours of continuous three-phase agricultural power supply must be maintained at any cost to salvage what ever is left of the fields, Mr. Rajaram says.