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They want the Government to fix Rs. 1,500 a tonne for sugarcane

SALEM: Members of Tamil Nadu Farmers Association staged a demonstration here on Monday urging the State Government to fix Rs. 1,500 a quintal for paddy.

They claimed that farmers were not getting remunerative prices for their produces.

‘Initiate efforts’

They demanded the Central and State Government to initiate efforts to ensure better prices for produces.

They also wanted the Government to fix Rs. 1,500 a tonne for sugarcane.

Lorry freight

The mill managements should be directed to bear the cost for cutting the sugarcanes and the lorry freight.

The managements should also be instructed to make the payment for the sugarcane to the farmers immediately.

Members further demanded the Government to fix Rs. 4,000 a tonne as minimum for tapioca tuber.

It should also give Rs. 20 a litre for buffalo milk and Rs. 15 for cow’s milk.

The association opposed the Government’s move to scrap the free power to farmers.

Association’s State general secretary K. Sundaram led the protest.