The Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has forecast the price of potato to be Rs. 18 to Rs. 20 a kg in May-June when the Neerbogam potato will be harvested.

Market price

According to a release, this analysis has been made based on the prevailing market price at the Nilgiris Co-operative Marketing Society, Mettupalayam, for the last 22 years. Based on this analysis, farmers are asked to take up sowing potato in the Neerbogam season, which is in February.

Hilly regions

Area and production of potato in the State has decreased by 40 per cent and 35 per cent respectively during 2011-12 compared to the previous year. It is grown in the hilly regions of Dindigul, the Nilgiris, Krishnagiri and Erode districts.