The Velliangiri Uzhavan Producer Company Limited, a farmer-producer organisation involving over 500 farmers sent its first consignment a few days ago.

A press release from Isha Foundation said that the farmers’ company sent aggregated coconut produce in the presence of Pravesh Sharma, Managing Director, Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium, Government of India, and Anil Meshram, Director of Agriculture Marketing and Agribusiness, Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Velliangiri Uzhavan Producer Company Limited was formed in May this year with support from Isha Foundation to increase agriculture productivity and returns for farmers through collective production for better market gain.

The two officers also met the president of the Company Viswanathan and directors to discuss future strategies and learn about the help the company needed from the Central and State governments.

They assured government support in their activities and promised to look at demands for subsidised cold storage and export of coconut.

The release added that the Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium had funded the formation of the farmers’ company and asked the Isha Foundation to support and guide farmers in forming the organisation and guiding its activities.

The company at present produced coconuts and had planned to make value added products from coconut.

The company also planned to grow banana, turmeric, vegetables and sugarcane, the release said.