Selvapuram Police have registered a case against a couple on charges of kidnapping and threatening a farmer.

The police, who have registered the case following a direction from the Judicial Magistrate V Court, said that the accused R. Bavani Shankar, 31, and his wife Aparna, 30, kidnapped farmer T. Senthilkumar on December 13 when he was tilling a land that the couple had sold to Somasundaram.

The police said that Somasundaram had engaged Senthilkumar on contract for tilling the land. When he was tilling the land, the couple kidnapped the farmer in his car, took away his farm implements and dumped him in a desolated place.

The police, quoting the complainant, also said that the couple threatened the farmer at gun-point.

The police are yet to arrest the accused.