The role of fairs and festivals in promoting tourism was emphasised by Srinivas R. Reddy, Project Director, Hill Area Development Programme (HADP), at Kannerimukku near Kotagiri on Wednesday.

Inaugurating the Pethakkal Summer Festival organised by the Nilgiri Documentation Centre (NDC) at the JJ Heritage Park of the Sullivan Memorial, he said that festivals help expose little known places of interest like the Sullivan Memorial to tourists. He said that the Memorial was a source of education and entertainment. The president, Kotagiri Town Panchayat, S. Wappu said that a welcome arch would be erected in front of the Sullivan Memorial. He expressed the confidence that the place, in a matter of time, become a prime tourist spot.

The Director, NDC, Dharmalingam Venugopal, said that the festival would become an annual feature. The local people have a right as well as a responsibility to promote the Sullivan memorial as a tourist spot. He urged them to make use of the training facility offered by the Rural Self Employment and Training Centre at Kotagiri.

The festival was sponsored by Indian Overseas Bank. Display of handicrafts

produced by the Training centre and display and sale of traditional food items of the Badagas such as kalimittu, Ganjikke, Ennettu, Uppukorai, Paniyara, Gassu, Bathal and Erigittu with Sandage and a bajan formed part of the occasion.