The Alliance Francaise here will hold an exhibition from Friday at the Maison Colombani showcasing the products of weavers from Varanasi. Organised by Upasana, a design studio at Auroville, the exhibition will put up products under nine different categories and try to communicate with the visitors the grandeur of the Varanasi weaving tradition.

According to Uma Haimavati, the project coordinator, the exhibition was part of a movement called ‘Varanasi weavers' initiated in 2006 to encourage the dying looms in Varanasi that were severely affected by cheap imitations that flooded the market. The movement, started in villages around the city, also aims to provide more opportunities to weavers. . Since then, the project has grown and has now become a self-sustaining movement inducting new weavers every year, she said.

The current exhibition, to be held till February 19, will create awareness of the rich ‘Benares' weaving tradition and other arts practiced by the community.