People should take a pledge not to give bribe for getting things done in government and other establishments, said P. Shankar, the former Chief Secretary of Government of Tamil Nadu and former Chief Vigilance Commissioner, here on Tuesday.

Speaking on “responsibility of you and I in the present Indian scenario” at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry here, Mr. Shankar said that individual changes alone would result in collective changes and finally bring about a change in the country.

Instead of blaming others or circumstances when something went wrong, people should realise that it was their problem and they could solve it.


He asked the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Thanjavur, to pass a resolution that the members would not give bribe for getting things done and follow it strictly come what may.

Mr. Shankar said there was a “demand” for corruption and middlemen who thrived on it kept it alive. Corrupt people should be ostracised by society. “There should be a beginning somewhere and that is what Anna Hazare and Kejriwal did.

“But sustainability after beginning is important. The change should be institutionalised,” Mr. Shankar said.


Mr. Shankar said that he would get pattas for 100 people at a place by working through a Catalyst Trust, a non-governmental organisation.

There was a sense of cynicism in the country. “A disgusted feeling. People are ashamed of what is happening in the country but are not ready to change it,” Mr. Shankar said.

N. Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor, Periyar Maniammai University, who participated in the discussion after the lecture, appealed to Mr. Shankar to lead a movement against corruption in Tamil Nadu. K. Padmanabhan, president, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, presided over the meeting.

N.T. Balasundaram, secretary, presented a report on the activities of the chamber.