Events At The Dhyanalinga

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Daily Events at The Dhyanalinga:

Nadha Aradhana: It is an offering of sound that takes place twice a day from 11:50 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. and from 5:50 p.m. to 6:10 p.m.

This etheric blend of vocals, singing bowls, drums and various other instruments reverberating within the dome, enhances one's receptivity towards receiving the energies of Dhyanlinga.

Aumkar Meditation: It is offered from 12:30 PM to 1PM for all visitors. This is an initiation into the timeless and powerful mantra “AUM.” Aumkar Meditation brings peace and balance to the meditator's system, and is known to relieve people from numerous physical and mental ailments when practiced regularly.

Monthly Events At The Dhyanalinga:

Amavasya and Pournami are special days for spiritual seekers.

On these days, visitors have the unique privilege of offering milk or water upon the Dhyanalinga with their own hands.

Pancha Bhootha aradhana is offered at the Dhyanalinga on Shivarathri – the fourteenth day of every lunar month.

The Aradhana stabilizes the body and mind and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from physical ailments, a weak constitution, psychological instabilities, disturbed sleep and a constant sense of fear. It is also supportive for the fulfillment of one's ambitions.




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