A 30-year-old man was killed in an explosion after he released LPG from a cylinder and ignited the fuel at his home in Begur early on Saturday.

Mahesh Babu, an employee of a construction company, was propelled out of the second floor, falling on to the street from the force of the explosion that ripped apart the doors and windows of his apartment.

He was still alive when passersby rushed him to the hospital where he died.

The explosion did not damage any of the neighbouring houses. Investigators told The Hindu he had been estranged from his wife, Nageshwari, for several months and attributed the extreme step to his failed marriage.

At the nub of the differences between the couple is said to be the disparity in their incomes and education. Mr. Babu had studied only up to Class 10, whereas Ms. Nageshwari is an engineering graduate with an MBA. Their differences came to a head when, unable to come to terms with the situation, Mr. Babu took to alcohol.

Neighbours told the police the couple would often quarrel. She had left home a few weeks ago after a bitter row to live in her father's house.