Piles of plastic wastes

A large volume of plastic wastes, particularly water sachets, is regularly dumped on the riverbed near the Amaravathi old bridge in Karur town. The proximity of TASMAC shop is one of the factors contributing to this problem, which poses serious health hazard. The Karur municipality should put an end to this menace.

S. Rengarajan,


Delay in issuing passport

I applied for a fresh passport at Thanjavur Passport Seva Kendra on January 12 and completed all the formalities vide file number: TR 10 61 35 67 16 412. At the time of verifying the original documents the PSK officer refused to accept my ration card as residential proof. Due to lack of space in the original ration card the TSO had written the new address in a piece of paper, and attached to the original ration card. It was duly signed and sealed. The PSK officer asked me to get it written in the original ration card itself. When I approached the TSO, he refused, and said that there was not enough space in the original card, and this was the normal practice followed. I ran from pillar to post to find a solution to my problem. As I could not find a way I wrote an application to the TSO and the copy to the PSK officer requesting them to verify the fact, and issue me the passport. There was no reply from both of them for a long time. Then I wrote to the Thanjavur Collector on February 7 requesting him to direct the PSK office to issue the passport. I request the passport officer, Tiruchi, to look into this.

P. Murugesh,

Thanjavur - 7.

Electronic weighing scales have been provided to almost all the fair price shops in Tamil Nadu for the accurate measure of food grains supplied to the cardholders. Due to the erratic power supply these machines are put to use rarely. Frequent inspection by officials and guiding the shop personnel to ensure correct measurement is needed.

G. Pichai


EB bill collection counter

Perumandi panchayat union near Kumbakonam comprises Kamaraj Nagar, Maruthanmuthu Nagar, Arul Nagar, Pazhanisamy Nagar, Ganapathy Nagar, and O.V.M. Nagar. These residential localities were formed over 30 years ago. There was a collection counter for EB bills at Kamaraj Nagar. Now the counter is not functioning, and the people of the above localities have to proceed three km to the TANGEDCO main office in Kumbakonam to pay the bills. I request the TANGEDCO authorities to open a computerised office in the Perumandi panchayat office.

S. Kumaragurudasan,


Moral lessons

In connection with the murder of a school teacher in Chennai, I would like to say that only class subjects are being taught in the primary, high schools, and colleges. The failure to teach moral subjects is responsible for such acts. During our days, moral classes were compulsory, when the students were taught about helping tendency, respecting teachers, charity, love, and affection. The moral classes should resume sowing good qualities among students.

V. Dharmadoss


Feasibility of Mayiladuthurai district

This is reference to the recent High Court fiat to the State government to ponder over the feasibility of carving out a new district of Mayiladuthurai. This is the long-pending demand of the people. The geographical location of the existing Nagapattinam district causes inconvenience not only to the public but also to the State government employees. For reaching the headquarters they are compelled to travel for over 3 hours.

G. D. Iniyan,


Frequent power cuts

Now-a-days, power cut has become common, especially in the peak business hours. The banks and other offices with public dealings viz., post offices, telephone and EB bill collection centres, are worst-hit. Offices without stand-by power plant should take necessary action to install generator sets or batteries.

K. Balasubramanian,



The prolonged load-shedding has made the life of the common people miserable. I suggest that the use of incandescent bulb lamps in residential localities be replaced with CFL, available in various watts, requiring less power consumption. The State should come forward to supply these lamps on the line of free fans and mixers.

N. Natarajan,


Threat to road users

The over-speeding of mini buses and the parking of vehicles along the main thoroughfares during night hours pose a threat to road users. The parking of heavy vehicles on the roadsides should be avoided. The vehicles parked during nights should use indication lights.

J.Rajesh Khanna,


Consumer-oriented MRP policy

The concept of MRP on consumer goods is not consumer-friendly, and at times, not commensurate with the manufacturing cost. For example, a cement bag of 50 kg is sold any where between Rs.280 and Rs.300. But, the MRP is quoted between Rs.350 and Rs.500. I request the Centre to evolve a formula for adoption of consumer-oriented MRP policy, and implement it immediately.

G. Pichai,


Need for shelter at bus stop

A shelter is needed at Vattipillaiyar Koil bus stop for the convenience of passengers. This project could be implemented from the MLA's Local Area Development Fund.

K. Santhanam,


Punishment for erring drivers

Tiruppur district SP V. Balakrishnan has warned that the drivers found talking on cell phones while driving will be arrested, besides sending proposal for cancelling the licences. Driving while talking over phones is as bas as drunken driving. The SPs of other districts too should warn the erring drivers with similar punishment.

R. S. Moorthy,

Karur – 4.

Road repair

The road used by all the buses proceeding to Kumbakonam opposite the new bus stand is in a bad condition. The two-wheelers are the worst-hit. This damaged road needs immediate repair.

C. Saravanakumar,


Passengers' inconvenience

The railways is presently operating a DEMU train from Thanjavur to Nagore, which leaves Thanjavur at 6 a.m. and reaches Nagore at 8.40 a.m. The passengers arriving by the Mysore–Mayiladuthurai express continue their onward journey to Velankanni, Tirunallar, and Nagore by this passenger. The non-availability of toilets in this train poses inconvenience to the passengers. I request the authorities to operate this train with conventional coaches.

D. Kuberan,