The government hospital in Erode has got a new digital X-ray machine and a picture archiving and communication system.

The digital X-ray is a computerised system which will deliver the images more faster and sharper. The advantages of the system include time efficiency and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. The system also uses less radiation to produce an image when compared to the conventional radiography.

“Since the patient’s exposure to radio waves is reduced by half, it is eco-friendly,” hospital superintendent R. Krishnakumar said.

Instead of a film, the machine uses a digital image capture device. “This enables the doctors to preview the image immediately and enlarge it digitally. The image can also be viewed at different planes and depths,” he said.

The images would be stored in the picture archiving system, which would help short and long term storage, retrieval, management, distribution and presentation of images. “The archiving system is linked to the hospital management system. The X-ray image could be attached to a patient profile and the doctors could retrieve it whenever they wanted,” Mr. Krishnakumar said.