Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development Agency (TANHODA) has gone in for a marginal increase in the entry fee for the seven Group A and six Group B parks and gardens across the State. The price hike comes into effect from Friday. Even the boating fee stands revised.

A decision to this effect was taken at the 18{+t}{+h}Governing Council of TANHODA held recently.

In Tamil Nadu, Government Botanical Garden and Rose Garden in Udhagamandalam, Sim’s Park in Coonoor, Bryant Park in Kodaikkanal, Eco Park at Coutrallam, Botanical Garden and Genetic Heritage Garden in Yercaud come under Group A.

State Horticulture Farm in Kallar near Mettupalayam in Coimbatore, at Kattery in the Nilgiris and the one at Yercaud in Salem, Anna Park and Lake View in Yercaud, Chettiar Park in Kodaikkanal, and Semmozhi Poonga in Chennai come under Group B.

For the parks and gardens in Group A, the revised entry fee is as follows (present fee in brackets): Adult Rs.30 (Rs.20), child Rs.15 (Rs.10), camera fee Rs. 50 (Rs.30), video camera Rs.100 (Rs.75), professional photograph fee per month Rs. 2,500 (Rs.1,500), cinema shooting fee per day Rs.25,000 (Rs.10,000), and TV serial and documentary shooting fee per day Rs.10,000 (Rs.5,000). Boating fee for four-seat boats and two-seater boats is Rs.25 per person (Rs.20). Parking fee for autorickshaws is Rs.10 (Rs.5), two-wheelers Rs.15 (Rs.10), light motor vehicles Rs.40 (Rs.20), and maxi cabs Rs.75 (Rs.50). The heavy vehicles parking fee remains at Rs.100.

Under Group B, the entry fee is as follows: Adult Rs.15 (Rs.10), child Rs.10 (Rs.5), camera Rs.25 (Rs.10) and video camera Rs.50 (Rs.25). Similarly, the parking fee stands revised at Rs.10 for autorickshaws, two-wheelers Rs.10 (Rs.15), LMV Rs.40 (Rs.10), maxi cab Rs.75 (Rs.50) and for heavy vehicles it will be Rs. 100. Professional photogaph fee per month is increased to Rs.2,000 from Rs.1,000, film shooting charge Rs. 20,000 a day from Rs.10,000 and for shooting television serial and documentary the fee is hiked to Rs. 10,000 from Rs.5,000.

In Udhagamandalam, Joint Director of Horticulture G.Mohan said the hike had been necessitated by the increase in wages of workers, rise in cost of inputs and the demand for funds to carry out improvements. Representatives of the hospitality and travel sectors here expressed the hope that the maintenance of the Garden would improve after the hike.