She inspects records and scrutinises procedures being followed by the staff

Collector Pooja Kulkarni conducted a surprise inspection at the Government Headquarters Hospital in Krishnagiri on Thursday.

She verified the entry of names of out-patients, and scrutinised the attendance registers of doctors and other employees.

The Collector said action would be taken against those who came late for duty at the hospital.

She also verified whether the duty nurses were using disposable needles and getting rid of them as soon as they had been used for a patient in the prescribed manner.

She advised nurses to keep the injection rooms neat and clean.

The Collector advised pharmacists at the hospital to explain to the patients how to take medicine in accordance with the prescription by the medical officers, verified whether details of the medicines issued were being correctly entered into the computer, and also checked the stock of medicines available.

When she noticed some of the newborns in the hands of relatives outside the post-natal ward, she gave instructions to the ward nurses not to allow the babies to be taken outside the ward.


If hospital staff failed to follow instructions laid down, action would be taken against them.

She found used saline bottles dumped in a corner just outside the post-natal ward and asked the sanitary workers to remove the discarded material immediately.

The Collector asked the authorities to keep the hospital premises litter-free.

She directed the accompanying Municipal Commissioner to eradicate the dog menace inside and outside the hospital immediately.

The hospital premises should be cleaned twice in a month by the staff of the Municipality.

Public Works Department officials were asked to inspect the hospital frequently and undertake repair works. She also went around the cooking unit and inspected the distribution of cooked food to patients.