Hindu Munnani leader Ramagopalan has called upon the Union Government to constitute a high-level Committee in consultation with the State Governments to ensure fixations of yarn prices for a certain minimum period if the manufacturing prowess of textile clusters like Tirupur had to be safeguarded.

“At present, the frequent wide fluctuations and uncertainty in the prices of yarn are causing hardships to the apparel manufacturers when it comes to quoting the prices of end products to the buyers.

“Because of the swings in prices, the entrepreneurs are in a dilemma as cost of yarn at the time of taking an order might be low only to go up suddenly during the execution of orders. This affects the profit margins considerably,” he said while speaking to reporters near Koduvai on Wednesday.

He reiterated the need to control the cotton exports and said that the Union Government should ensure that domestic needs of cotton were met comfortably before thinking of any export.

Mr. Ramagopalan was of the view that entrepreneurs coming forward to tap the solar power should be given interest-free loans as an incentive for meeting the capital.

“The new solar projects will help overcome the power shortage in highly power-deficit States like Tamil Nadu”.

According to him, cooperation of people is of paramount importance in wiping out the power crisis like the example set by Gujarat.

“The people of Gujarat helped to detect power thefts and leakages which by itself brought down the deficits.”

Mr. Ramagopalan said if the fight for Tamil Eelam succeeds, it could be an encouragement for Hindus who got displaced from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Jammu & Kashmir to fight for getting their rights back.

He alleged that Naxalites had infiltrated into the protests held in Tamil Nadu against the genocide in Sri Lanka which was evident from the fact that some of the people who came to support the protest were attacked.

He said Hindu Munnani would staunchly oppose any attempt to take away temple lands for purposes other than for the development of the respective temples. “There are reports that a signature campaign had been initiated in the State during the recent days by a Leftist leader requesting the State Government to use the temple lands for free distribution to landless people. It should be remembered that these lands and other immovable properties are the only assets to the respective temples,” he added. The Hindu Munnani would be organising a conference against religious conversions at Avinashi on June 16.