Chaotic traffic conditions prevail on the busy South Main street, Thanjavur town due to haphazard parking of vehicles and dumping of crushing stones. Pedestrians find it difficult to walk on this street housing many banks and commercial establishments. The police should take steps to check this and ensure free flow of traffic.

P. Beryl


Starved of kindness

The news item on the death of a young Odisha woman due to starvation (The Hindu February 15) was a shame to entire society. The death has taken place despite the father of the victim approaching various authorities for help. It reflects the callous attitude of the authorities.

R. Jambunathan


Police beat needed

A police beat may be posted in the road junction at Pattamangala street in Mayiladuthurai town. The crossing of the road at this junction becomes very difficult when Sirkazhi and Chidambaram buses take ‘U’ turn. A large number of people visit the bazar and vegetable market nearby.



Drain away waste woes

There is no proper drainage system in Thanjavur new bus stand. Solid waste could be seen dumped and sewage from hotels flowing in front of the bus stand, causing inconvenience to commuters and passengers.



Unlock coaches at stations

I was waiting at Kumbakonam on February 8 to board the Rameswaram Express to go to Rameswaram but the train was late by 35 minutes and on arrival I could not open the door of B1 coach as it was locked from inside. Even after much shouting nobody came forward to open. I ran towards AI coach, which too was locked from inside. Fortunately a family got down at Kumbakonam from B1 coach and only then I was able to board.V.Krishnamurthy


Save energy

Street lights at LIC Colony in Thanjavur town are being switched on at 5.45 p.m. itself when it is quite bright. Switching them on a little later can save power.

Vengarai S. Raman


Improve infrastructure

The inadequate basic amenities at Kumbakonam present a woeful picture. The water channels branching from Cauvery are dry and now being encroached upon by huts. One such water channel is on the eastern side of Kasiraman Street near Old Palakkarai. Now the channel is used for dumping household waste and to let out sewage water from houses. This channel is now a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

S. Krishnan


Kumbakonam mosquitos

Re-lay highways

Several representations from public and social organisations regarding the re-laying of the national highway between Thanjavur and Nagapattinam has yielded no result. With summer vacation round the corner, several people from all over India are expected visit the Velankanni shrine, Nagore Dargah, and temples in Nagapattinam and

Tiruvarur districts.

R. Sivakumar


Ban polythene products

In spite of notification issued by local bodies on banning sale and use of polythene products, it has not been implement in letter and spirit. The State and Central governments should enact a new law to enforce complete ban to save the environment.

A.Haja Abdul Khader


Correct ID cards needed

In many of the new Electors’ Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) distributed in the Municipal Colony area, the date of birth has not been properly printed. I request the authorities to take steps for correcting this mistake.

P. Gnanasekar