: The chairperson of two town panchayats observed fast at Vilavur town panchayat office along with the councillors on Thursday. They were seeking immediate action against those officials who had lodged a false case at Thuckalay police station recently.

According to police sources, few days back PWD officials went to Kunnathukonam channel near Keeza Moolachel to remove encroachments. But the people did not allow them to do so. The chairperson of Vilavur town panchayat, Vijayakumari and few councillors also opposed the move. The officials then lodged a complained against Vilavur town panchayat chairperson and 15 others for preventing them from carrying their duty.

Moreover, Ms Vijayakumari had also lodged a complaint against the PWD officials but the police were yet to register the case.

Condemning this, Ms Vijayakumari along with few councillors observed fast on the office premises. In support of Vijakumari, the chairperson of Thiruvithancode town panchayat and others joined the protest..