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“Tamil Nadu also can generate electricity on the lines of projects being successfully implemented in New Delhi, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh”

MADURAI: The Tamil Nadu Foodgrains Merchants’ Association has called upon the State Government to encourage power generation through biomass.

Electricity is being produced from waste by New Delhi authorities, and at Ganga Nagar, Karnataka and in Andhra Pradesh from rice husk. The Madurai Corporation could also take up a similar project, association secretary P. Subash Chadra Bose said here on Sunday.

The State Government should give 75 per cent subsidy for power generation through biomass. A long-term policy in this direction should be taken up at the earliest.

Research in this direction at Madurai Kamaraj University and at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, had produced good results. Research funding should be increased as there was potential in the project, he said.

If the civic body generated power from biomass, small scale industries could be provided uninterrupted power supply. Also, many big industries, which had established plants in Tamil Nadu, were given power at a much lower cost than the SSIs.

“This should be reviewed. The present power situation should be analysed before permitting industries in future,” he said.

Hardship to farmers

The erratic power supply was causing hardship to farmers and frequent tripping resulted in pumpsets getting damaged. Farmers had to spend huge sums to repair them

The frequent power supply disruptions were also adversely affecting the small scale industries. Apart from increasing wastage, the quality of the products also got affected, he said.

Also, even if the factory was running at 50 per cent capacity or forced to idle, the workers had to be paid the same. This led to higher production costs, the burden of which ultimately fell on customers, said Mr. Bose.