The Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association has urged the Central and State government to amend the Land Ceiling Act to allow Indian corporate firms to take up agriculture. This will facilitate farmers get a good price for their lands, according to association working president Mahadanapuram V.Rajaram.


Pointing out that the Central government and financial agencies were encouraging Indian firms to purchase agricultural lands overseas for farm purposes, Mr.Rajaram noted that instead of aiding purchases overseas the government and lending agencies could do well to facilitate corporate purchase farm lands within the country.

The condition of Indian farmers was steadily going down due to a plethora of factors and farmers' suicide was increasing by the day.

Increasing debt burden has been oppressing farmers, and achieving breakeven has become a pipe dream for farmers, Mr.Rajaram has observed in a memorandum dispatched to the Agriculture Department of the Central and State Government.

Cost of input has skyrocketed and even holding on to his paltry land was quite a task for the debt-ridden farmer.

Not sufficient

Stating that the country was not producing sufficient quantity of palm oil and soya oil and was content with importing huge quantities of those oils, Mr.Rajaram has noted that recently Indian Cooking Oil Producers' Confederation has initiated moves to buy agriculture lands in Latin American countries for raising oil palm and soya crops.


The Agriculture Department too has indicated its desire to go in for a buy-back tie up with the confederation members, he has observed in the memorandum.

A couple of private corporate banks have promised to finance the deals. When the Indian farmers were struggling to make ends meet to stay afloat the governments must encourage Indian corporates to purchase domestic agricultural lands that could fetch good sale price for farmers, he has said.

For that to happen, the Land Ceiling Act needs to be amended and further steps have to be taken to create conducive atmosphere for the farmers to benefit out of such moves, Mr.Rajaram has urged in the memorandum.