Officials say farmers not cooperating with Forest Department

Wild elephants continue to enter villages in and around Podur Pallam near Sanamavu Reserve Forests and destroy crops.

According to an official a herd of 35 wild elephants are on the prowl. They were chased into Karnataka three days ago but they have managed to enter Tamil Nadu via Jawalagir from Bennarghata in Karnataka. The official said that non cooperation of farmers and villagers was helping elephants to stay near the villages. In order to safeguard crop, farmers were using tractors after removing silencer. The sound from tractors scare the animals but as soon as the sound recedes they return, said the official.

Instead, the farmers should cooperate with the Forest Department to drive the herd towards Udedurgam from Podur Pallam. Panchayat presidents of Azhiyalam, Srigiripalli, and Beerjepalli near Hosur, have pledged their cooperation with Forest Department. A group of people on Friday blocked road in Azhiyalam village, near Hosur, demanding that compensation for damaged crops be disbursed at the earliest. The agitators even took away the key of a jeep of officials. It was returned after an hour-long discussion. Villagers say wild elephants have damaged crops on over 300 acres near the reserve forests.

Hosur Forest Ranger Sukumar has said that the officials were expecting to drive the animals away into Udedurgam Reserve Forests on Friday night.

  • Villagers want compensation paid immediately

  • They block road in Azhiyam village