Vice chairman of Karur and Kulithalai municipality along with deputy chiefs for 186 other local body offices would be selected on Saturday. In the recent local body elections, candidates for the 157 village panchayats, 11 town panchayats, eight panchayat unions, two municipalities and the district panchayat, were elected directly by the people. There are a total of 1,941 local body offices in the district of which 12 town panchayat ward members, four village panchayat presidents and 364 village panchayat ward members were elected unopposed.

For the 1,566 local body offices in the district a total of 5,383 candidates were in the fray and elections were held in two phases on October 17 and 19 while two days later counting was taken up. On Tuesday those elected in the polls and selected unopposed assumed office.

For the offices of vice chiefs in the local bodies elections, in which the elected members would vote, are planned to be held on Saturday, if at all election is required. In cases where there is absolute majority for any party, in all likelihood the candidate will be chosen on consensus as unanimous choice. Where there is a split verdict or fractured mandate in the councils, elections will be contested. That apart panels in councils will be elected through indirect selection method thereafter.