N. Anand

ELCOT has been using web-based application built on open source technology

Files are cleared and payments are approved on the same day

CHENNAI: Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) becomes the first Enterprise Resource Planning-driven office in the State, while Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency (TNeGA) has gone paperless with regard to file movement, said an ELCOT official.

For the last six months, ELCOT has been using a web-based application built on open source technology for various business functional areas such as human resources management (staff transfers, leaves and increments), payroll management, file movement system, procurement management (dealing with vendors and suppliers), financial accounting and budgeting and legal case monitoring.

“In other words, it has reduced our waiting time to get Managing Director's approval to send a letter, get clarification or to make payment. The MD clears the file in transit and while on tours. With a click of the mouse, his office assistants will know the exact number of files to be cleared. Their activities have now been reduced to fixing appointments,” the official said.

All the 187 employees have been provided with laptops or desktops. Files are cleared and payments are approved on the same day. There are instances of officers clearing files from home after office hours or while on leave.

At the beginning of the year, Santhosh Babu, ELCOT, Managing Director, said that their vision was to make ELCOT the best e-governance office with highest level of efficiency to offer higher level of satisfaction to their customers and to spur the use of IT as a tool to achieve world class governance not only in Tamil Nadu but also in India. He created a paperless office for Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd in 2001.

Till six months ago, Mr. Babu used to carry home 30-40 files every day. After the implementation of HTC's Enterprise Resource Planning solution – eBAP (enterprise Business APplication) suite, 80 files are cleared each day online. Approvals are given instantly.

“Earlier, it used to take 15 days for a vendor to get a pro-forma invoice. Today, he can just login and get the pro-forma within few minutes. Everything has become quick, easier and transparent. All the tenders in ELCOT are processed electronically and in the last 12 months, tenders worth Rs.500 crore have been cleared,” he said.

On Wednesday, Mr. Babu cleared as many as five files in a few minutes that pertained to payment of money to vendors for supply of colour televisions under the phase four and five programme, hotel bills and official correspondence.

“Tapals received from other offices are scanned and sent to the person concerned for action. Later, it is sent back as tapal. To reduce the file movement, we are eagerly waiting for others to switch over to e-mode,” he said.

According to him, TNeGA is using paperless office software.