For maintenance of overhead equipment on electrified BG lines

A new 8-wheeler Over Head Equipment Inspection Car has been introduced in Tiruchi division for inspection and maintenance of overhead equipment on electrified broad gauge rail routes.

The Rs.3.69-crore self-propelled tower wagon procured from M/s. BEML Limited, Bangalore, can be used for preventive as well as breakdown maintenance of equipment.

The vehicle, which can also be used for new electrification works, will improve reliability and enable prompt restoration of overhead equipment failures in minimal time.

The Tiruchi division has 217 km of electrified broad gauge lines between Villupuram and Tiruchi and Villupuram-Puducherry sections. Electrification work is in the advanced stage in the Villupuram-Vellore section.

Till now, 4-wheeler tower wagons were used for maintenance of overhead electric equipment .

The new tower wagon is equipped with a self-contained mini workshop, generator, electro-hydraulic platform lifter, double engines for fail-safe operations, inspection dome, staff rest rooms, and a kitchenette.

The Inspection Car can carry all tools including masts and wires required for erecting new overhead lines. There are two generators for generating power in the wagon.

Using the electro-hydraulic platform lifter, the platforms used for installing/inspecting the overhead lines can be lifted/ lowered or rotated. This platform can also be operated manually. The wagon also has an improved braking system.

The wagon is powered by two independent under-slung engines.

The engines are fitted under the wagon for natural cooling and there is more working space inside the wagon. It can be run at a maximum speed of 110 kmph. It can also haul a tailing wagon of 60 tonnes.

The overhead lines can be inspected from an Insulated Inspection Dome provided at the top. Wiring can be done from the car itself as it is provided with masts and wires in the mini workshop, a Southern Railway press release here said.