In a film-like sequence, highway patrol police chased a car for 25 km and seized eight goats taken in the car on Kumbakonam-Mannarugdi road on Wednesday.

Highways patrolling police were on duty at Olimithi near Needamangalam on Manargudi-Kumbakonam road on Wednesday. They tried to stop a speeding car but in vain. As the car sped, they chased it.

Those in the car rolled spare tyres on road to prevent the police from catching up with them. They did not allow it to overtake also.

As the car reached a dead end at Sudarshan Nagar at Sakkottai near Kumbakonam after a 25-km chase, the driver drove it into the paddy fields at the end, stopped it, and fled.

The police found eight goats inside. The Registration of Certificate book and other documents available in the car were found to be fake.

Later, they alerted the Patteeswaram police. Patteeswaram police along with Needamangalam police seized the goats and the vehicle. The police are on the look out for the three persons fled the spot.