To ensure transparency

: Radhapuram has been selected as the Pilot Taluk to introduce e-governance in the district.

The district administration plans to establish Common Service Centres at different parts of the taluk, to enable the public to get a range of certificates, usually issued by the revenue officials, from these centres.

When Collector C. Samayamoorthy chaired the district e-governance society meeting at the Collectorate on Wednesday, he exhorted officials to introduce e-governance at all levels to expedite functioning and ensure transparency.

Accordingly, Common Service Centres, which will be connected through computer networking, will be created at various places in the taluk, from where the public can get community, income, nativity, destitute and first graduate certificates promptly with the data stored in the computers there.

Prior to the establishment of Common Service Centres, the revenue officials of Radhapuram taluk will be trained in computer operations, feeding and retrieval of data, issue of certificates etc.

Other taluks

“After fine-tuning is done in proposed scheme, e-governance will be extended to other taluks,” Mr. Samayamoorthy said.

  • Radhapuram selected as the Pilot Taluk

  • Common Service Centres to be

    set up