The face-off between two groups over custody of the premises of the

Young Badagas Association (YBA) here took an ugly turn on Thursday with members on either side breaking open locks put up by each other on the office door. It was followed by complaints being lodged against each other.

In order to prevent untoward incidents, a police team headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police G.S. Anita moved in.

Speaking to The Hindu she said that it was being treated only as an issue involving two groups of a community. Since the premises was being used as a marriage hall and it had been booked by some persons efforts would be made to bring about a settlement between the warring factions.

If they persist in keeping each other out, the matter would be referred to the District Collector.While T. Gundan, former MLA, who headed one faction, said that he was for conduct of elections in the presence of government observers, the head of the other faction J.B. Subramaniam said that a meeting of his team would be held on June 2 to chart out the future course of action.