Tamil Eelam is the only solution to the Sri Lankan ethnic strife, Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) leader S.Ramadoss said here on Tuesday.

In a statement, he said the details found in the United Nations Organisation's report on the crimes committed by the Sinhalese army in war against the Tamils would melt even the hearts of those who had no compassion.

The organisation, which had said in its 2009 report that 7,721 persons had been killed and 18,479 injured, had now revealed that more than 40,000 innocent Tamils could have been done to death in the final phase of the war alone.

Dr.Ramadoss pointed out that the report had revealed how people who had been shifted to the security zone and also hospitals had been bombed, how even basic necessities like food were denied to them and how Tamil women had been sexually assaulted.

The UN committee had suggested constitution of an international tribunal to inquire into the war crimes of the Sri Lankan forces and also to find a solution for the issues that had triggered the Sri Lankan crisis.

However, the General Secretary of the UN had said that such an inquiry could be conducted only if the member nations were to accept it.

While the UNO was set up for protecting the people and their rights world over, the hesitation to conduct an inquiry against Sri Lankan Government even after getting reports that 40,000 Tamils had been killed would defeat the very objective of UNO's birth, he contended.