Education will bridge the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, according to Madurai Kamaraj University Vice-Chancellor Kalyani Mathivanan. Delivering the graduation address at Cardamom Planters Association College here recently, she said that higher education, in recent times, has become the most obvious means to attain material wealth and social privilege. This was possibly one of the most important reasons as to why access to higher education was seen as a dire necessity to provide weaker sections with an opportunity to improve their quality of life, she added.

Now, higher knowledge and specialized skills were the root and heart of information revolution. And it was this information revolution that was changing our educational institutions, our values, and our ways of life, she said. Education equipped students with learning skills and critical abilities conducive to understanding better the events occurring in the world and around them, she pointed out.

Rapid changes were taking place in economic, political and social institutions and also in our value systems, she said.

“These changes are bound to challenge your own reference values and question your own system of thinking. Under such circumstances, your own beliefs are undoubtedly the most valuable ones to use as guidelines. The central objective of education is knowledge and ultimately liberation,” she added.

The National Policy on Education reaffirms that education was a universal right.

The Central Government has been striving relentlessly towards the uplift of the socially and educationally backward classes and education was the prime tool to achieve it, she stressed.

Students should remember their responsibilities to their country, home, the institution and teachers who have moulded them.

Students were getting full-fledged education with two components - the combination of learning which will make you a life-long learner and the value system derived from your college and teachers.