Special Correspondent

Chennai: E.D. Savarirayan, retired headmaster of the Madras Christian College High School, passed away at the age of 95 on Saturday in Chennai.

He joined the school as a teacher in 1948 -- after a chance meeting with the legendary headmaster, Kuruvila Jacob, who detected a spark in him and recruited him spontaneously. Mr. Savarirayan taught mathematics and English to many hundreds of students over the years. He was known for his soft-spoken and gentle ways. His dedication and leadership qualities were quickly recognised.

He was one of the two assistant headmasters groomed by Mr. Jacob, who sent him abroad to see the world of progressive education for himself.

Mr. Savarirayan duly became head of the school, serving as headmaster and correspondent between 1967 and 1973. He received State and national awards for outstanding contribution in the field of education.

After his retirement, he was educational consultant to a few schools.

He kept in close touch with the Madras Christian College High School and its alumni, participating in their get-togethers and meetings even when he was well into his nineties.

Mr. Savarirayan is survived by his wife and son.