T. Ramakrishnan

Designs and bid documents have been finalised Designs and bid documents have been finalised

  • Government's share of the cost released to 38 local bodies
  • Gasifier crematoria will help to cut down on the use of wood
  • CHENNAI: Environment-friendly, modern crematoria will come up in 52 urban local bodies in six months.

    The Commissionerate of Municipal Administration has completed the spadework. Designs and bid documents have been finalised. The Government's share of the project cost has been released to 38 urban local bodies, according to a senior official.

    At a workshop here on Friday, Commissioner of Municipal Administration Niranjan Mardi told representatives of urban local bodies and officials that the work should be completed by December-end.

    Besides five municipal corporations (other than Chennai), 47 municipalities will be covered. Tambaram, Avadi, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Namakkal, Udhagamandalam and Ramanthapuram are among the local bodies chosen for the programme.

    Gasifier crematoria

    In the local bodies, gasifier crematoria will be established. A large quantity of wood is used in the conventional burning ghats. The official says the average use of wood, nationwide, for burning a body is 600 kg. This will come down to 150 kg in gasifier crematoria.

    Another benefit is that this type of crematoria helps to reduce the demand for electric crematoria where 100-125 units of power are required for cremating a body.

    A committee, comprising representatives of Anna University, the Pollution Control Board, the Public Works Department, the Commissionerate of Municipal Administration and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning studied the requirements of different local bodies and gave its advice.

    On an average, the cost of each gasifier crematorium has been estimated at Rs. 40 lakh. The Government will provide Rs. 20 lakh. It is for the local bodies to mobilise the remaining amount. The urban local bodies can source the money from the constituency development fund of the Members of Legislative Assembly or Members of Parliament or donations from voluntary bodies.

    In respect of five corporations and 33 municipalities, the Government has released its grant of Rs. 7.6 crore. The other 14 urban local bodies have been advised to go ahead in anticipation of the funds, the official says. The project cost in these areas is Rs. 5.6 crore. Furthermore, the Government has planned to help the urban local bodies maintain burial grounds better.

    Approach roads

    It has worked out a project to cover 69 municipalities. The estimated cost is Rs. 6.28 crore, of which the Government will grant Rs. 3.14 crore. In addition, approach roads to crematoria will be laid wherever required, the official says.