L. Renganathan

Traditional, mouthwatering delicacies to be offered

KARUR: Plans are under way to establish “uzhavan unavagam”, a chain of concept eateries, at the four uzhavar sandhais in Karur district.

The eateries would offer traditional Tamil food made out of millets and foodgrains that have enriched the life of farmers and the rural folk from time immemorial.

Uzhavar sandhais are functioning at Karur, Kulithalai, Velayuthampalayam and Pallapatti in the district and the sale of vegetables in those shandies is going on pretty well. Farmers too have been benefited hugely by selling their produce.

Based on a State Government advisory, the district administration is making efforts to establish eateries selling traditional food stuff in those shandies to cater to the vendors and the visiting public. The proposed mouthwatering menu runs like Sorghum Paniyaram, Sorghum dosa, Sorghum Murukku, Ragi Rice, Ragi Murukku, Ragi Vadai, black gram porridge, tapioca vadai, banana stem soup, cumbu koozh, cumbu rice and ubbit (a sweet stuffed paratha).

Moreover, it is also planned to sell value-added dairy products such as buttermilk, curd, butter, ghee, paneer and milk khoa in those eateries. Those farmer beneficiaries, who hold seller identity cards, can market those items in the restaurants. It is learnt that Aavin has been entrusted with the task of training such vendors on food preparation, safekeeping and quality maintenance. The views of the beneficiary farmers attached to the four uzhavar sandhais would be ascertained before the establishment of the eateries in Karur district.

A preparatory meet on establishing the eateries saw a lot of innovative ideas emanate from the farmers for the proper and successful operation of the restaurants. The farmers generally welcomed the idea of establishing the restaurants saying it would increase the efficiency of the utility-based successful uzhavar sandhais. Also, the focus on traditional foodstuff and snack items would rekindle the interest of the public about the rural stuff. The urban populace could have a taste of rural foodstuff, they felt. District Revenue Officer C. Munirathinam, Joint Director of Agriculture K. Jagadeesan, and Deputy Directors Muthusamy and Kandasamy participated in the deliberations.