There are two bus stands in Musiri town. The new bus stand is spacious. Mofussil buses towards Salem from Tiruchi and vice-versa, are being diverted through the new bus stand. But some buses are passing through old bus stand rather than the new bus stand. The passengers have to walk one-and-a-half km to reach the new bus stand. This causes a lot of hardship and wastage of time. I request the authorities to take needful action against the drivers who avoid new bus stand.

R. Mohan Kumar,


Gas consumers left in the lurch

It became a bad time for more than 40,000 LPG cönsumers at Thuraiyur due to the lethargic attitude of the authorities. They run around for the supply van which may come any time anywhere on the outskirts of the town without any prior intimation. The date of supply too differs among the four different agents. No proper method is followed. There should be clear intimation to the consumers about all these things.



Caller tune

It is the practice of BSNL to ask mobile customers to press 9* button if they want to save a ringing tune as their caller tune. BSNL should activate the caller tune service only after getting a confirmatory SMS from a customer as there is every chance that a customer may have pressed the button inadvertently while replying to a call. I hope BSNL will do the needful in this regard.

R. Ganesan,


Uncomfortable rail platform

The width and height of the first platform at Tiruchi Town Railway Station is not comfortable for passengers. Will the higher authorities look into the problem?


Anna Nagar, OFT.

Dog menace

The stray dog menace has reached alarming levels in Srirangam of late. The spurt in the number of dogs poses a distinct threat not only to those walking on the streets, but also to two-wheeler users. One should be careful about venturing out of house after 8 p.m. School children are particularly vulnerable. It seems the authorities have not yet realised the gravity of the menace, if the lackadaisical approach to the problem is any evidence. The authorities must be aware that a dog bite, if left untreated, can cause the dreaded disease rabies which may even turn fatal for some people. Hence, I request the corporation authorities to take expeditious steps to pick up stray dogs in Srirangam.

J.Anantha Padmanabhan,


Traffic snarls

Sundar Nagar area witnesses lot of traffic snarls in the evening hours. There is no proper traffic regulation. Share autos are always overloaded and they move in a very high speed, causing concern to other road-users.

D. Muhamed Rizwan,

Sundar Nagar.

Blocked drain

Our house is situated in Tennur High Road adjacent to TNEB office. At the time of construction of Tennur overbridge, stormwater drain was constructed east-west. This drain is said to be connected to a bigger drain channel near the Mahatma Gandhi School which is blocked. The result is there is always stagnant water in the drain. During rains, the drain overflows and it takes days to dry. Vendors and public dump garbage into this. Many a time people use it as a toilet. Despite requests, municipal workers close their eyes to the waste in the drainage.

The well in our compound and a water sump on TNEB premises are just 8 feet away from the compound wall and we are afraid the water from the drainage channel may seep into the well. V.N.Balakrishna Sarma,

Tennur High Road.

This is unfair

I frequently travel in TNSTC and SETC buses. I find that the corporation authorities are concentrating only on charging excess fare in the name of express services. Recently, I travelled by TNSTC express bus from Bangalore to Salem. The bus fare was Rs. 90, but the bus took nearly seven hours to cover the distance. I travelled from Karur to Tiruchi in a TNSTC bus and the express bus fare was Rs. 25. The bus took nearly two-and-a-half hours to cover the distance. I had a horrible experience while travelling by TNSTC express bus from Tiruchi to Oddanchatram on 29.01.2010. I paid Rs. 46 as ticket fare. The bus left Tiruchi at 10 a.m. and reached Oddanchatram 1.20 p.m.. What is the purpose of operating express services when they are really plying as ordinary buses?

Sankar Venkatesh,

Srinivasa Nagar.


Railways issue unreserved tickets 3 days in advance. Last week when I requested for an unreserved ticket, I was informed that the facility was available only if the travelling distance exceeded 200 kms. I could not understand the logic behind this. This decision has only caused inconvenience.

S. Mahesh,

Annanagar, Tennur.