Staff Reporter

The list is based on the 2001 census

SALEM: The Salem Corporation has prepared a draft list of wards to implement the rotation for reservation after excluding the existing reserved wards as per a recent Government Order.

According to Corporation sources, the Government recently ordered to take necessary action for reservation and rotation of seats in Corporation, based on the 2001 census, for scheduled caste and women councillors to be elected to the Salem City Municipal Corporation council in the ensuing local body elections.


Accordingly, the Corporation officials has prepared a draft list of wards based on the ward-wise percentage of SC, SC (women) and women population as per the 2001 census figures after excluding the existing reserved wards.

The following 18 wards were proposed to be reserved for women (General): 19, 26, 27, 53, 41, 60, 5, 42, 35, 31, 57, 32, 55, 23, 48, 29, 44 and 14. Scheduled caste (General): 47, 2, 8, 36 and 7. Scheduled Caste (women) 45 and 16.


The Corporation published a draft notification in this regard on Friday for the information of the public.

People could express their objections and suggestions to the Corporation officials till August 10.