In Kanyakumari district, dog menace is on the increase causing accidents to two-wheelers and cars too. Even in busy Anna and Christopher bus stands dogs are moving freely. The menace is all the more severe in village, town panchayats and municipalities. The municipal waste bins prove to be the thriving grounds for these dogs. Rabies can be eradicated by taking early action against stray dogs by the local administration.

V. Kumar,



There have been frequent references about stray dog menace in this column. There have been fatal incidents of dog bite. The civic bodies have been dilly-dallying on the issue on one pretext or the other. The news that the District Collector at Nagercoil has intervened and issued orders to do away with stray dogs, therefore, brings solace to the common man. The municipal authorities in other places must act at least now to fight the problem of dogs.

Vellaisamy Murugan,


Increase train service to Chennai, Bangalore

The Tuticorin station is an example of the lethargic attitude of the Railway authorities. First, the station is too narrow in length and breadth. As a result, it cannot be utilised for handling high volume of trains.

Second, the kiosks in the railway station are always out of order. So most of the time, the passengers are finding it difficult to check the status of their tickets.

To top it all, train services from Tuticorin leave a lot to be desired. Till date, the people are dependent on the Pearl City Express – which is the only train service to Chennai from the town. Now, the summer holiday rush is only adding to the woes.

Further, there is no proper rail link between Tuticorin and Tirunelveli and this state of affairs should be looked into at the earliest.

In this context, direct services to Chennai and Bangalore from Tuticorin should be increased. Besides, passenger services to Madurai, Tiruchi and Coimbatore from the town should be introduced at a good frequency.

The local people and other visitors are already frustrated over the apathy of the authorities towards their travel woes.

Therefore, I request the railway authorities concerned to take urgent steps to renovate the railway station and also improve the train services.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Lower berths and senior citizens

It is a common occurrence that senior citizens, particularly those who have some ailment or the other, holding lower berth reservation tickets, find that the berths allotted to them are occupied by young women. This invariably happens when passengers board this train at stations between Bangalore and Dharmapuri. Such young women refuse to vacate the lower berths not allotted to them and instead ask the helpless senior citizens to occupy upper berths allotted to them. When the aggrieved passengers report the irregularity to the checking inspectors they reply that it is not their duty but it is the duty of the passengers concerned to see that the berths allotted to them are not wrongfully occupied by others. Hence reservation has no meaning and passengers who are denied the facility of their allotted berths may be refunded the reservation charges in the train itself. Will the railway authorities take swift action to set right this problem?

Emerson R. Samuel,


Sewage in drinking water pipes

The municipal drinking water supply pipes in ward No.26 in Tuticorin have been discharging sewage for one month and so the residents have no potable water for use. It is learnt that sewage is getting mixed with drinking water due to leakage in pipes. The Municipality laid the main pipeline 5 decades ago, which is not changed by the Municipality. It is the duty of the authorities to supply good drinking water. The resident are put to great hardship and they expect early supply of wholesome water otherwise the resident may be affected by cholera and vomiting.

M. Sankar Ganesh,


Rail link to Kanyakumari

Rameswaram is a major tourist-cum-ritualistic centre in Tamil Nadu where people arrive from all over India to see the temple as well as to perform rituals to their ancestors and obviously the visitors include the old aged pilgrims too. From this spot, unfortunately, there is no direct train service to Kanyakumari which is equally a tourist attraction place. An alternative being to change over at Madurai junction or travel by bus - both of these are a tedious journey to the elders. Keeping in view of the importance of the above two tourist spots, where proper arrive daily in large numbers, and to consider helping the senior citizens I request the Railway authorities to introduce train services, on daily basis (at least fast passengers if not Express ones) from these two spots to each other via Madurai and Tirunelveli.

In this connection, I would like to add that Tiruchendur is also an important tourist place. If the trains, as suggested, can be operated, passengers from Tiruchendur can also avail the facility of boarding the train at Tirunelveli to Rameswaram and to reach there (Tirunelveli) trains would be re-started very soon.

K.K. Krishnamurthy