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The objective is to spread knowledge

Krishnagiri: Documentation of manuscripts, antiques, palm leaves, birch barks, handmade paper and cloth in Krishnagiri district would begin in the first week of February. The Central and State Governments would take up the survey in association with the National Manuscripts Mission, said Collector, Mangat Ram Sharma here on Saturday.

Creating awareness

Mr. Sharma said the main objective of the survey was to create awareness among the public on manuscripts in the State which were at least 75 years old and have literary, historic and scientific importance.

The survey was being done to document them and create a national database on available manuscripts .

They were generally found in libraries, local museums, research institutes, temples, mosques, archives and with some persons.

The manuscripts would be returned to the original owners after documentation work, the collector said.

About 50 surveyors would be appointed with assistance from Periyar University, Salem, who would collect basic information including name, address, total number and condition of manuscripts.

Mr. Sharma said the details would be handed over to the district-level committee who would submit it to the State Government by February 7.


The Collector appealed to the public to provide information about the manuscripts known to them. Details can be given in the following numbers: 232600, 238777, 239500 and 94432 19207.