The Bangalore East police have arrested a 47-year-old doctor and his brother on charges of kidnap and murder of Chetan Kumar, a 25-year-old student from Hennur.

The accused, identified as Muni Venkataraju, a doctor at the Malur government hospital, and his brother, Muni Mohan (46) had a civil dispute with Chetan’s family. The accused had reportedly constructed a house in Chellekere on the outskirts of Bangalore by allegedly violating bylaws, and Chetan Kumar’s family, who are neighbours, had tipped off the BBMP and got a demolition notice issued against the building.

Enraged by this, Muni Venkataraju allegedly decided to take revenge against the family and, he along with his brother, invited Chetan for a talk on February 27, where allegedly offered him a drink laced with sedatives. Soon after Chetan fell unconscious, the accused allegedly stabbed him to death and took the body in a car to an isolated place near Malur where they crushed the head with a boulder to conceal the identity and dumped the body.

The accused confessed that they chose to dump the body on the outskirts of Malur, since the body would come to Malur government hospital for post-mortem and Muni Venkataraju being a doctor in the same hospital could conduct the post-mortem and mislead the investigation.

However, luck ran out when the police managed to identify the body through the clothes and began investigations to find that Chetan was last seen with Muni Venkataraju. The police summoned Muni Venkataraju on suspicion, but he feigned ignorance stating that he did not meet him. However, after the police verified the call details, they came to know that the suspect was present at the scene of crime on that day.

Later, when the police went again to question Muni Venkataraju, he was missing. The police later traced him to a place near Kolar where he and his brother were hiding. Detailed questioning led the duo to confess the crime.

  • The accused had a civil dispute with the victim’s family

  • They offered Chetan a drink with sedatives before killing him