‘Deal or No Deal?' This was what CPI (M) floor leader K. Balabharathi wanted the DMK and PMK to disclose in the Assembly on Thursday.

Raising a point when PMK Legislature Party leader G.K. Mani was speaking on the Governor's address, she wondered why the Treasury Benches, which would normally intervene during debates, remained silent. “Is it because the PMK is in your alliance?”

School Education Minister Thangam Thennarasu said the communists needed to learn from the PMK and its leader. Mr. Mani said no one was interfering because he was speaking with an open mind. “I have no motives.”

Ms. Balabharathi asked whether the two parties had a deal or not.

Deputy Speaker V.P. Duraisamy was heard saying, “Deal.” Later the members of the CPI (M) and CPI engaged in a war of words with Congress whip Peter Alphonse over his remarks on West Bengal Chief Minister and the communists in general. At one point they rushed to the well of the House, demanding they be allowed to reply to the charges.

Subsequently the remarks made by Mr. Alphonse, and those by CPI leader V. Sivapunniyam against the Congress, were expunged.

Another remark of Mr. Alphonse that triggered a debate was that the communists invented the hundi to collect money long before tin came into use. When the communist members objected, he and Law Minister Durai Murugan said that it was former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who had first made the remark in the House.

Mr. Sivapunniyam said communists were collecting money only from people.

Ms. Balabharathi said there was nothing demeaning about hundi collections, because people made such contributions only to temples and communists.

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  • Deputy Speaker V.P. Duraisamy was heard saying, “Deal”