Ruling party trying to threaten officials: CPI

: The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) is attempting to “hatch a new conspiracy” to transfer the Madurai Collector, U. Sagayam, who is taking stringent steps to prevent distribution of money to voters, the Communist Party of India, has said.

Its State deputy secretary, C. Mahendran, said that the Collector and the police were trying to bring about some changes in Madurai, which was notorious in “buying out voters with money distribution,” through strict implementation of the stringent rules of Election Commission.

“But the ruling party men are trying to threaten the officials in the last three days. On Friday, a Tahsildar was assaulted by them in the presence of the Union Minister, M.K. Alagiri. It seems the DMK is trying to instigate violence in order to foil the faith of the officials,” he said.

He condemned the Madurai Revenue Divisional Officer, S. Suhumaran, who complained that the Collector was forcing him to file false cases against the Union Minister, M.K. Alagiri. “It is a conspiracy to transfer the Collector, who is preventing money distribution by the ruling party. The Election Commission should interfere and thwart the “conspiracy” to ensure a free and fair election.

The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam urban district secretary, K. Raju, said that his party had already sought the transfer Mr. Suhumaran from the duty of Returning Officer of Madurai East Assembly constituency. “He is very close to the ruling party. The allegation against the Collector is nothing but an attempt to threaten other officials involved in election duty,” he said.

“The DMK men, who are ready to distribute money, are finding it difficult because of the strict monitoring by the Collector, the Commissioner of Police, P. Kannappan, and the District Superintendent of Police, Asra Garg. But, some of the officials who were hand-picked by the ruling party are not following the instructions of the higher officials,” he said.