As many as 10 teams were directly on the job of investigating from different angles the murder of DMK functionary N. Suresh Babu alias ‘Pottu’ Suresh, said Inspector General and Commissioner of Police Sanjay Mathur here on Friday.

The inputs gathered from various sources are being examined and a thorough probe is under way. It is a combination of field inquiry, information gathered from the public (who have knowledge about the victim) and assistance from technical expertise. “We are in the right direction in the case,” he told The Hindu .

The investigation is probing if Suresh had any political rivalry or whether the murder was a fallout of big business deals.

The police detained former Madurai deputy Mayor P. M. Mannan and a few lesser-known faces of the DMK, an officer at Thilagar Thidal police station said.

Apart from this, a team is tracing calls made and received by Suresh on his mobile phone. This has already thrown up “solid” clues.

Car driver, Mani alias Manikandan, who was with Suresh, had seen the killers. It had come to light that ‘Pottu’ Suresh had another driver, Raja, who is also being examined, police officers said.

Forensic Sciences department officials have taken blood samples from the scene of crime belonging to the victim. A monkey cap (used by the killers), a broken knife have been recovered from the spot. The post mortem report indicated that the killers used sticks and knives to attack Suresh.

According to an Inspector of Police, Suresh had conveyed his apprehensions to some of his close friends that he faced a threat to his life from a gang. This was one reason why he never took the same route, the officer noted.

  • 10 teams investigating the murder from different angles

    Phone call details on his phone may be crucial