Disputes over the alleged non-adherence to the recently signed agreement on job work charges have surfaced yet again between the Tirupur Power Table Unit Owners Association (TPTOA) and the hosiery manufacturers.

On Monday, many hundreds of power table unit owners who carry out stitching, ironing and finishing process involved in the production of undergarments, trousers, T-shirts and a few other hosiery products met Collector G. Govindaraj for redressal of their grievances.

The TPTOA members alleged that despite the intervention of the Collector on October 13, after the association member units commenced indefinite strike on the same issue, the member units of South India Hosiery Manufacturers Association (SIHMA) did not keep the word of giving the job work charges at the revised rates.

As per the latest agreement signed between the TPTOA and the SIHMA, the job work charges had been revised upward by 21 per cent for a period starting from September 16 till April 30, 2016.

The knitwear stitching units went on an indefinite strike on October 11 when many hosiery units reportedly violated the agreement and did not give the job work charges at revised slabs.

It was only after mediation held by Collector on October 13, the TPTOA members withdrew the stir with the hosiery manufacturers agreeing to pay the job work charges at revised rates.

“After agreeing in front of the Collector, the hosiery manufacturers are now refusing to stick to the new pact stating that there has been an interim hike in job work charges in 2012. Why then was the new agreement signed?,” N. Yuvaraj, a prominent TPTOA member, quipped.

At the instance of the Collector, SIHMA and the TPTOA have decided to hold a conciliatory meeting on Tuesday to resolve the disputes.