Susan Muthalaly

Upmarket theatres not happy with Government order

CHENNAI: At roughly Rs 11,500 invested in each seat at the new INOX cinema multiplex, paying Rs 10 for a movie ticket would seem too good to be true.

The Rs.10 seats will be closest to the screen, but it's a small price to pay for the relatively luxurious seating of the multiplex.

The State Government has said that all theatres have to offer 10 percent of their capacity at Rs 10 per ticket. The upmarket theatres may not be happy with this, but they have divined ways to be as discreet as possible about these tickets.

At INOX, One has to be at the counters an hour before the show to avail a Rs 10 ticket, said Vinod Babu, general manager, INOX.

Sathyam Cinemas is offering 291 of their seats at Rs 10. One would never know, unless he or she specifically looks for the separate counter at the back of the complex.

As for Mayajaal Entertainment, a counter staff said that they do not have any Rs 10 tickets. "We only have Rs 120 tickets," she said firmly.

When M. Gopikumar, general manager of Mayajaal Entertainment was contacted, he said that the 15 Rs 10 tickets at each of the six screens were reserved for the local people from the panchayat. When asked how they manage to differentiate between the people who qualify for the Rs 10 tickets and those who don't, he said,

" We know the local people. These tickets are part of a welfare programme for them. Anyway, these seats are very close to the screen, '" he said.