Though the stage is set for launching the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) consumers in Puducherry on Saturday, which is one of the 20 districts selected for implementing the Centre’s flagship programme, the cash subsidy will be credited to the accounts of just one third of consumers in the initial days.

Out of 2.30 lakh LPG consumers in Puducherry, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has intimated Aadhaar numbers of 1.49 lakh customers which works out to 64 per cent. Of the total consumers, only 78,379 consumers have actually seeded the numbers to their respective banks which means that only about 35 percent of the consumers will fulfil the criteria for receiving cash subsidy through their accounts as on June 1.

T. Parameswaran, Lead District Manager, said the percentage would increase as he had received inputs that banks had started receiving more Aadhaar numbers. “Whatever might be the percentage, the scheme will be launched as per schedule,” he asserted.

Far better than

other districts

Meanwhile, many of the consumers, whose photos and details were taken by the agencies employed by the UIDAI, were yet to be delivered the Aadhaar cards. Technical problems, cumbersome process and postal delay were the reasons, officials say. Some of the consumers, who had received the cards and numbers, were reluctant to seed the numbers as they were still sceptical of the DBT scheme.

However, officials were of the view that the rate of Aadhaar card coverage among the LPG consumers and the percentage of those who have seeded their Aadhaar numbers with the banks in Puducherry was far better than many of the 20 districts in the country selected for the scheme.

All details pertaining to Puducherry has been communicated to the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), which would transfer the cash subsidy to the accounts. Mr. Parameswaran said that cash subsidy to the tune of Rs. 451 per cylinder would be credited to the LPG beneficiaries.

They would get the subsidy for nine cylinders per year. It would be credited to the beneficiaries account whenever they booked for refilling cylinders. The Centre’s cash subsidy for LPG cylinders would be clearly mentioned in the pass books of customers.

The Centre has given 3-month grace time to the LPG customers, who were yet to take Aadhaar card. Till then, they could continue to receive cylinders as per the current practice. However, they would have to pay higher price for cylinders if they failed to seed Aadhaar numbers to the banks within three months, he cautioned.