Headmasters of high and higher secondary schools in Tirupattur Educational District were sensitised on life skills education for adolescent students during a training programme held recently.

Conducted by the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), the programme focussed on sensitising the headmasters in various aspects of life skills education and the need to monitor the teachers involved in taking awareness on various aspects of adolescent period to the students, according to Basheer Ahmed, Principal of DIET, Vellore.

The life skills education programme was part of the HIV/AIDS awareness programme, he noted.

“We are seeing many cases of sexual abuses. In many of these cases, the abuser is a known person to the victim. We want to take forward awareness to the students on how to protect themselves. We are also dealing with aspects of behaviour of students,” he said.

For the past several years, DIET has been involved in training teachers and students in life skills education. This included on biological changes during adolescent period, the opposite gender and menstrual hygiene for girls.

“We have trained two teachers – one male teacher and one female teacher – from each school in life skills education. They act as the nodal teachers for their schools and take forward life skills education to students of Class IX and XI. Some students might feel shy in talking about their problems to the teachers. For this, we have trained one boy and one girl from each school and they act as peer educators,” he explained. Members of the Red Ribbon Clubs are also involved in creating awareness among the students.

S.N. Janardhanan, trainer and district joint convenor of Junior Red Cross said the life skills education looked at various aspects of the changes in adolescent period and also dealt with personality development of the students.

DIET also plans to conduct competitions such as quiz, elocution and drawing for the students at the school, union and district levels and give away prizes to winners, a press release said.