Mediaperson tells students

The Department of Journalism and Science Communication, Madurai Kamaraj University, organised a special lecture series by media experts recently.

The first among the series was delivered by Kavitha Muralitharan of ‘The Week.'

The lecture focused on “Women in Media;” it was a recollection of her experience of working in Sri Lanka as a journalist during wartime and representation of women in media.

Earlier, she had an interaction with students in the department. She said that war affected people of Sri Lanka were never interested to talk about politics or about the war.

They were more interested in their resettlement. They were also interested in meeting their basic necessities and leading a normal life.

She spoke about women representation in media and women in media. She said that though a few women were appointed by the media many were not given big responsibilities. Answering a question, she said that women journalists as well as every working woman face many problems; but they learn how to deal with them effectively.

The second in the series was a lecture by Gnani, independent journalist, Chennai. He shared his views on “State, media and ethics.” He explained about the purpose of existence of State and media. “While State tries to strike a harmony between various sections of the society, the media tries to satisfy both its audience and sponsors.”

“Media ethics is always subjective and doing anything to fulfil its purpose becomes a scale of ethics for the particular institution'

While answering a question, he said that anyone before questioning the responsibility of the media should question his or her responsibility to the society. Professors, scholars and students from various colleges took part in the session.

He advised the students to develop their critical faculty to understand the text of the media.